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Objective: To effectively communicate and seek clarity or action regarding a CLEP exam.


Phase 1: Research and Prepare


Phase 2: Structuring the Email

  1. Subject Line: – – “Inquiry Regarding CLEP Exam Credits” – “Discussion Request: CLEP Exam Process”
  2. Greeting: Always start with a formal greeting. – – “Dear Dean [Last Name],”
  3. Introduction: – Briefly introduce yourself (your name, major, year, and any other relevant details). – “I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], a [Year, e.g., ‘sophomore’] majoring in [Your Major]. I’m reaching out with some questions regarding the CLEP exam.”

Main Content:

  1. State Your Understanding: Clearly mention why you’re writing. * E.g., “I recently took the CLEP exam for [Subject Name] and wanted to inquire about the process of transferring the credits.”
  2. Ask Specific Questions: * “Is there a specific department or individual I should contact to facilitate this?” * “Are there any additional steps or documentation needed on my part?”
  3. Concluding Remarks: – Express gratitude for their time and assistance. – Indicate your openness for further discussion, e.g., “I’d appreciate any guidance on this matter, and I’m available for a conversation if necessary.”
  4. Sign-off: – “Thank you for your time.” – “Sincerely, [Your Full Name], [Student ID if necessary]”


Phase 3: Post Email Actions

  1. Set a Reminder: If you don’t receive a response in 5-7 days, set a reminder to send a courteous follow-up email.
  2. Document Everything: Keep a folder (physical or digital) of all correspondences, CLEP exam results, and any other relevant documents. This will ensure you have all necessary information handy for any future discussions or requirements.
  3. Seek Peer Insights: Talk to fellow students who’ve taken the CLEP exam. They might provide practical insights or share their experiences, which could be beneficial.
  4. Stay Proactive: If the Dean recommends you contact a different department or individual, do so promptly. Keep the momentum going and show your genuine interest in resolving the matter.


Key Takeaways

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