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Objective: To professionally communicate with the career advisor and seek guidance regarding potential internship opportunities.


Phase 1: Research and Prepare


Phase 2: Structuring the Email

  1. Subject Line: – “Request for Guidance: Internship Opportunities” – “Exploring Internship Prospects in [Industry/Role]”
  2. Greeting: – “Hello [Advisor’s First Name],”
  3. Introduction: – Begin by reintroducing yourself and your academic context. – “I hope you’re doing well. I’m [Your Name], a [Year, e.g., ‘junior’] majoring in [Your Major].”

Main Content:

  1. State Your Purpose: Indicate your intent to seek internships. * E.g., “I’m reaching out as I’m keen to explore internship opportunities in the [specific industry or role], and would appreciate your insights and guidance.”
  2. Share Brief Background: * “I’ve taken courses in [Relevant Course Names] and am particularly interested in [Company Names/Industry Functions].”
  3. Ask Specific Questions: * “Are there particular companies you’d recommend considering?” * “Are there any upcoming career fairs or networking events I should attend?”
  4. Concluding Remarks: Express thanks and convey eagerness. – “I truly value your expertise and would be grateful for any advice. I’m keen to make the most of this summer and gain hands-on experience in the field.”
  5. Sign-off: “Thank you in advance for your time and guidance.” – “Best regards, [Your Full Name]”


Phase 3: Post Email Actions

  1. Mark the Email: Use your email’s flagging or starring feature to keep track of this important correspondence.
  2. Follow-Up: If there’s no response in 5-7 days, send a polite follow-up email to check in.
  3. Prepare for the Meeting: In case your advisor proposes a face-to-face meeting, have your resume updated and prepare a list of questions or points you’d like to discuss.
  4. Act on Recommendations: Once you receive guidance, act promptly. Whether it’s applying for internships, attending workshops, or networking, show initiative.


Key Takeaways

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